Executive Training

Executive Leadership And Influence

The first part of this course will teach you about : personal mastery, mental models, shared vision, team learning, and systems thinking. You will also learn about¬†¬†leadership models and basic skills (such as building trust, managing change, personal productivity, resolving … Continue reading

Change Management

The Change Management workshop will teach you key strategies and tools for managing change in a global environment. Course Structure Module One: Getting Started Workshop Objectives Module Two: Preparing for Change Defining Your Strategy Building the Team Module Three: Identifying … Continue reading

Performance Management

Inspiring someone to be their best is no easy task. How do you manage for optimum performance? How do you create a motivating environment that encourages people to go beyond their best? This course will give you some of those … Continue reading

Supervisory and Team Leader Skills

The Supervisory and Team Leaders Skills workshop will look at how to set expectations and goals, assign and delegate work, provide feedback and resolve conflict. You will also learn tips for special situations. Course Structure Module One: Getting Started Workshop … Continue reading


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