Entry Requirements: Students should normally be employed in a management position No specific English Language requirements but applicants are assessed for their English language level
Minimum Age: 18 yrs
Duration: 3-5 days
Intake Dates: 2017: 30 Jan-3 Feb, 6-10 Mar, 3-7 Apr, 1-5 May, 29 May-2 Jun, 26-30 Jun, 3-7 Jul, 28 Aug – 1 Sep, 25-29 Sep, 2-6 Oct, 30 Oct – 3 Nov, 27 Nov- 1 Dec, 4 – 8 Dec
Fees: £795 excl vat (80% discount on the CPD scheme)
External Exam Fees: n/a

Executive Leadership And Influence

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The first part of this course will teach you about : personal mastery, mental models, shared vision, team learning, and systems thinking. You will also learn about  leadership models and basic skills (such as building trust, managing change, personal productivity, resolving conflict, solving problems, and leading meetings) will also be covered.

Course Structure

Module One: Getting Started

Workshop Objectives

Module Two: The Evolution of Leadership

Defining Leadership
Characteristics of a Leader
Leadership Principles
A Brief History of Leadership

Module Three: Situational Leadership

Situational Leadership: Selling
Situational Leadership: Participating
Situational Leadership: Delegating

Module Four: A Personal Inventory

An Introduction to Kouzes and Posner
A Personal Inventory
Creating an Action Plan

Module Five: Modeling the Way

Determining Your Way
Being an Inspirational Role Model
Influencing Others’ Perspectives

Module Six: Inspiring a Shared Vision

Choosing Your Vision
Communicating Your Vision
Identifying the Benefit for Others

Module Seven: Challenging the Process

Think Outside the Box
Developing Your Inner Innovator
Seeing Room for Improvement
Lobbying for Change

Module Eight: Enabling Others to Act

Encouraging Growth in Others
Creating Mutual Respect
The Importance of Trust

Module Nine: Encouraging the Heart

Sharing Rewards
Celebrating Accomplishments
Making Celebration Part of Your Culture

Module Ten: Basic Influencing Skills

The Art of Persuasion
The Principles of Influence
Creating an Impact

Module Eleven: Setting Goals

Setting SMART Goals
Creating a Long-Term Plan
Creating a Support System

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

Words from the Wise

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