Entry Requirements: Students should normally be employed in a management position No specific English Language requirements but applicants are assessed for their English language level
Minimum Age: 18 yrs
Duration: 3-5 days
Intake Dates: 2016:12-16 Dec 2017: 16-20 Jan, 13-17 Feb, 20-24 Mar, 17-21 Apr, 15-19 May, 12-16 Jun, 17-21 Jul, 14-18 Aug, 18-22 Sep, 16-20 Oct, 13-17 Nov
Fees: £795 excl vat (80% discount on the CPD scheme)
External Exam Fees: n/a

Supervisory and Team Leader Skills

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The Supervisory and Team Leaders Skills workshop will look at how to set expectations and goals, assign and delegate work, provide feedback and resolve conflict. You will also learn tips for special situations.

Course Structure

Module One: Getting Started

Workshop Objectives
Pre-Assignment Review

Module Two: Setting Expectations

Defining the Requirements
Identifying Opportunities for Improvement and Growth
Setting Verbal Expectations
Putting Expectations in Writing

Module Three: Setting Goals

Understanding Cascading Goals
The Three P’s
Helping Others Set Goals

Module Four: Assigning Work

General Principles
The Dictatorial Approach
The Apple-Picking Approach
The Collaborative Approach

Module Five: Degrees of Delegation

Level One: Complete Supervision
Level Two: Partial Supervision
Level Three: Complete Independence

Module Six: Implementing Delegation

Deciding to Delegate
To Whom Should You Delegate?
Providing Instructions
Monitoring the Results
Troubleshooting Delegation

Module Seven: Providing Feedback

Characteristics of Good Feedback
Feedback Delivery Tools
Informal Feedback
Formal Feedback

Module Eight: Managing Your Time

The 80/20 Rule
Prioritizing with the Urgent-Important Matrix
Using a Productivity Journal
Using Routines and Rituals to Simplify Your Workday

Module Nine: Resolving Conflict

Using a Conflict Resolution Process

Maintaining Fairness
Seeking Help from Within the Team
Seeking Help from Outside the Team

Module Ten: Tips for Special Situations

What to Do If You’ve Been Promoted from within the Team
What To Do If You’re Leading a Brand New Team
What to Do if You’re Taking on an Established Team

Module Eleven: A Survival Guide for the New Supervisor

Ask the Right Questions of the Right People
Go to Gemba
Keep Learning!

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

Words from the Wise

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