Entry Requirements: Applicants will need to hold an apropriate Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma. Evidence of English Language capability at a level equivalent to IELT's 6.5. Other qualifications can be considered on a case by case basis.
Minimum Age: 19 yrs
Duration: 6 months
Intake Dates: January, April, July and October
Fees: Please see our fees page: www.scbm.org.uk/fees/
External Exam Fees: n/a

MA Human Resource Management Top up

MA Human Resource Management  Top up
This Masters programme is designed to enhance understanding and competence gained through professional qualifications and to develop ability to think strategically about management and organisational change.
The degree is awarded by University of Northampton and delivered through our partners LSM. Stratford College provides supplementary state of the art, courses to help you pass your academic programme with ease. These supplementary courses do not form part of the degree programme delivered through LSM and are not mandatory to achieving the degree qualification. They are provided by Stratford College to all students to help assist the students with their study skills. We pride ourselves on giving focus and attention to our students. We identify their areas of improvement and offer the assistance and support they require to complete their academic programme assignments with ease! This includes training students to identify and tackle key assignment requirements, providing insight to the appropriate application of the Harvard referencing system and other areas which enhance the student’s understanding of research, methodology and other essential study skills..
Qualification Overview
Credit Value 60 credits
Qualification Level 7
Duration 6 months

Module Synopsis

You will undergo the “Dissertation and Research Methods” module through this Top Up programme. Students are required submit their dissertation along with the research proposal. This proposal needs to be approved by the supervisor.


The Research Proposal

Students will be required to submit a research proposal which outlines the research objectives and how to achieve them. Once the proposal has been submitted, feedback will be provided by the supervisor. He/she will then discuss what changes and refinements – if any – are required. Supervisors guide students through the minefield of research, and to act as a mentor and source of support.


The Dissertation

The dissertation provides the opportunity to investigate and diagnose a factual human resource issue or problem, to collect and analyse relevant data, to derive supportable conclusions, and make recommendations for change and improvement.  The dissertation can adopt either a theoretical or empirical perspective.

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We offer a study package for students who do not qualify to join the top up but wish to accumulate qualifications towards the top up. For example:

Phase 1 – Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management

Phase 2: MA Human Resource Management top up

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