Entry Requirements: A masters degree Evidence of English Language capability at a level equivalent to IELT's 6.5
Minimum Age: 21 yrs
Duration: 3 months
Intake Dates: January, April, July and October
Fees: UK/EU - £3000, International - £4500
External Exam Fees: n/a

Pre-Doctoral programme (Postgraduate Certificate in Pre-Doctoral Studies)

Study a Pre-Doctorate course for entry to your Doctoral degree.

We understand that applying for a doctoral degree can be a complicated and competitive process. The Pre-Doctoral Programme is designed  with modules that equip you with a range of academic and research skills needed for a doctoral degree; it builds on core competencies and provides critical knowledge of the doctorate research and selection process.

The  course is ideal for international students to support them in developing key skills and language abilities, in order that they become learners who are able to study independently and demonstrate high-level critical analysis.

Our three-month course will help to identify a research topic and develop a research proposal which is right for you, and take you step by step through the University’s application process.

It will equip you with the academic and research skills which are required to successfully gain a place at a UK university and to embark on your research studies with confidence.

The course consists of a series of workshops together with one-to-one sessions. Our tutors have many years of experience in helping students at this level of study and understand exactly what is required for a successful application.

Comprehensive study materials accompany the workshops helping you to work effectively between workshop sessions in developing your own proposal.

By the end of the course, students will:

  1. Have developed their understanding of different aspects of research methods;
  2. Have developed a range of skills to successfully apply for PhD study at universities in different countries;
  3. Have completed an appropriate and viable research proposal;
  4. Be able to defend the proposal at an interview.

Workshop topics include:

  1. Initial research into universities and suitable research topics
  2. Literature review searches
  3. Quantitative and qualitative research methods
  4. Preparing a qualitative interview checklist
  5. Preparing a quantitative research survey instrument
  6. Developing research questions and objectives
  7. Developing a conceptual framework
  8. Contribution to knowledge and Originality
  9. Tentative methodology and justification of research design
  10. Defending your proposal at an interview
  11. Preparing a PhD application

We will supply each student with a reference to accompany their application to the chosen university. The reference will comment on the proposal, the teaching and learning of the student during the PhD preparation course and the ability of the student to articulate his or her proposal.

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